Sunday, April 7, 2013

From Drab to Fab - Reupholstered Office Chair

Yesterday afternoon as I was sitting in the craft room working on a project, I looked up, and there it was again.  My old rolling office chair.  Just sitting there, ugly, ripped and mocking me.  That’s when I decided it was getting a makeover.  I have had that chair forever and it’s a great extra chair for the craft room when I have guests, but seriously, it’s just depressing to look at. 

So last night after K went to bed I went directly to the craft room and started dismantling the chair.  Thankfully it only took 6 screws and the cushions were removed.  I took a look at how they had attached the original fabric (drawstring and staples) and removed it. 
Then it was time to decide what fabric to use.  It took a little time to make up my mind since I have quite a bit of fabric, but I’m definitely happy with my choice.  Once the original fabric was removed from the cushions, I laid it as flat as I could over the new fabric and traced the shape with a pen and then cut it out. 

Instead of using the drawstring method they had done, I figured it would be easy to just sew some elastic all the way around the edge.  Same principle; different method.  It worked great!
After both pieces were sewn, all I had to do was slip them over the cushions and use the heavy duty staple gun to adhere them to the plastic backing so that they stayed in place. Then I screwed the chair back together.  Voila!
A much better looking, might I even say gorgeous, rolling chair that is now worthy of the craft room.


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