Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Has Taken Over My Fridge

Up until now the fridge has been our display and go-to place for photos and Ks artwork but as of late it has become a bit of a crazy mess.  This is due to the fact that K is starting to do arts and crafts regularly and that he can also reach it and pull it off the fridge on a regular basis.  Not only does this mean that it is a constant merry go round of putting it on the fridge, K pulling it off, putting it back on the fridge, K taking it off, back on...you get the picture.  It also means that the sweet toddler artwork gets crumpled and torn.  So, I have been looking for a way to display his artwork (along with cards, pictures and such) that is decorative and can be easily changed.  Now I know he is going to make tonnes of art work in his life and you are probably thinking that it's not a big deal if some of it gets ruined, but honestly I'm not at that point yet.  Right now I think that every little creation he makes is amazing, at some point this may cause me to be featured on 'Hoarders', but until then just let me live in my toddler art bliss.

After (too) much time on Pinterest and Google looking for a way to display his masterpieces and  keep them out of his creative little hands I finally decided what I was going to make.  It was decorative, functional and I already had all of the supplies in the house.  The fabric display board was the answer I was looking for.

After looking at multiple versions online I decided that I would just wing it with what I had and figure it out along the way.  Most of the ones I saw were padded and for some reason I just don't like the look of it.  So for my version I used the following:
  • 2  16" x 20" framed canvases
  • fabric big enough to cover the front and sides of the canvas plus another 2" along each side
  • ribbon (discontinued Stampin' Up! ribbon I had and was waiting to do something with)
  • tacks
  • staple gun and staples
  • ruler (a flat & clear quilting/sewing ruler works best)
The method was very simple. 
  • Place fabric pattern side down on the floor and then place the canvas face down on top of it in the middle. 
  • Starting on one side pull the fabric over the side and onto the back of the frame.  Staple the fabric in place. 
  • Continue along this side of the frame, pulling the fabric up and over the back of the frame ensuring that the fabric is straight and even as you staple it down.
  • Once your first side is complete move to the opposite side and do the same process but this time pull the fabric tight before stapling it down to ensure that it is flat and smooth on the front of the canvas.
  • After you have completed the first two opposing sides continue with the last two sides in the same manner. 
  • When you reach the corners make a fold like you are doing a military style bed corner (basically folding the fabric to make a triangle that folds down).  Staple in to place.
  • Now that you have the fabric attached to the canvas it is time to attach the ribbon.
  • It took me a few measurements to figure out the ribbon spacing I wanted but I finally settled on 3" between each one.  Feel free to space yours to whatever suits your fancy.
  • The first piece of ribbon is going to go from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner.  Start by tacking one end of the ribbon (still on the roll) to the back of the frame at the corner and then pulling it across the front of the canvas tightly.  Tack into place on the back of frame and cut the ribbon from the roll. 
  • Using your ruler, measure 3" from your initial ribbon and tack into place as you did the first one.
  • Continue along, spacing out your ribbons the same way until you have covered your fabric in one set of diagonal ribbons. 
  • Then start placing your ribbons in the opposite diagonal direction.  This time however ensure that as you place them you weave the new ribbon under and over the ribbons already in place.  (see diagram below)

Once you have tacked all of your ribbons into place you are now ready to hang it and add all of your childs beautiful artwork.

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