Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Long Awaited Apron

Last year for my sister-in-laws birthday I asked if there was anything in particular that she would like for her birthday. She responded that she didn't have an apron and asked if I would make her one.  Gasp!!  What?!  You don't have an apron?  How is that possible?  I have multiple aprons. I don't always use them, but I have them in case I don't feel like adding miscellaneous food to the dog slobber and toddler who-knows-what that is already residing on my clothes.

After getting over my shock, I decided there was no decision to be made and I was definitely making one for her.  Since her birthday was only a week or so from that point I decided I that I would let her pick out the fabric she wanted and then I would make it shortly there after.  So a couple months went by and she still hadn't picked out the fabric.  It wasn't that she was being picky, it was that when she was visiting we were usually distracted by our kids running around or our open bottle of wine, or both (don't judge).  So finally one night over a bottle of wine (kids were asleep) we hit the craft room and she picked out two fabrics she liked, one for each side.  Perfect!

Fast forward approximately 9 months later, her birthday is just around the corner again and I still hadn't finished the apron.  Pieces were cut, but since there wasn't enough fabric to make my usual apron I had to figure out another way to make an apron that suited her.  This didn't actually take me 9 months to figure out. It was more the fact that I would take it out, stress over the fact that I hadn't sewn in ages and needed to find matching fabric and then I would put it back and tell myself that I would get to it tomorrow.  If I haven't mentioned it before I will tell you now, I can be an excellent procrastinator.  But finally last week something clicked, I knew what I was going to do, the sewing bug came back and I set to work.  Two nights later I was done and I was asking myself why I hadn't finished it sooner.

I gave it to her this past weekend and thankfully she is one fabulous sister-in-law because she just laughed and thanked me.   I told her she had to model it for me as I always take pictures of my projects - it has become a weird habit.  So below is the long awaited (well to her) apron with both sides modelled.



This apron differs from my usual design in that there is no gathering, it is all flat sewn and I created a border around the top portion.  The waste ties are still very long and can be wrapped around the waist and tied at the front.  In these pictures she has it very loosely tied at the back and sitting on her hips more so than her waist.

Now I just need to figure out what to get her for her birthday this year...

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