Friday, April 19, 2013


Blogs.  If you love reading them as much as I do then you know that keeping up with them can be a bit of a pain in the butt.   I've been a bit of a blog hoarder.  I am constantly adding new blogs to my Favourites bar and in the end it has become a tad unmanageable.  It takes me forever to find the blog I am looking for and once I find them, half the time they hadn't been updated.  Annoying! Well, I have finally seen the Bloglovin' light!!  

Bloglovin' is a blog reader that is easy to use and makes my blog reading fun again.  Every time one of my favourite blogs has written a new post, I get notified (an option you can choose).  Or I can just log on to my Bloglovin' account at any time and see all the new posts my favourite bloggers have written.  Either way, it's effortless and well organized.

Plus they even have a Bloglovin' App for iphone so you can follow all of your favourite blogs, including mine ;) anywhere you go.

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