Monday, April 29, 2013

Simple Wall Art

Over the years when any of my close friends were pregnant I always made something for their newest addition by hand, be that a knit blanket, quilt, stuffed toys, etc...   Then, when I was pregnant I had all of these grand ideas of the blankets, toys and decor I would make for my little bundle before and after he arrived.  Little did I know that my ideas would stay exactly that, ideas.

During my pregnancy I planned a few things I wanted to make for him and I even went so far as to buy some of the supplies, but in the end it always went to the bottom of my to do list.  Sleep & reading pregnancy books/magazines made it to the top.  Plus at that naive stage, I still thought I would be able to make stuff for him once I was on mat leave.  Because hey, I was going to be off for a year and I would have lots of time to make him tons of wonderful items.  Yeah...not so much.  lol.
Shortly after his arrival however the one thing I did manage to make him was some simple wall art for his room.  They were very easy and turned out great I think.

All you need to make these is:
- square framed canvases
- your favourite fabric (to cover the canvas)
- a coordinating dark fabric
- print out of animal silhouettes
- staple gun
- iron-on Adhesive (such as Heat’n Bond)

There are so many possibilities with a project like this.   As K gets older and his room decor changes I am sure that I will be making many different designs with this type of wall art, and hopefully I will finally get around to making some of those other grand ideas I have for him all stored up in my brain.  ;)


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