Friday, January 20, 2012

A Peek Inside

I have to say that moving my craft room from the basement to the main floor of the house was one of the smartest creativity inducing moves I've done over the past couple years.  Even when I'm not crafting I spend quite a bit of time in here.  For instance, right now I'm sitting in here in my lazy boy writing this post.  It's also my go-to place when I need some quiet me time.

So, since this is 'where all the magic happens' I thought I would take you on a little tour of my crafty space.  :)  Although I am continually moving stuff around and reconfiguring working space depending on what craft I am working on, this is the general layout at the moment.

Your view as you first walk in the craft room from the front hallway of our house.
My wonderful Ikea cubby unit which houses a great many crafting tools and supplies.  To the right, my new photo box (the perfect Christmas present from my hubby and son) which I am learning to use to take pictures of my creations.
This second door leads to the kitchen where I can grab a quick bite and refreshment when my energy needs a little boost.

My wonderfully comfy lazy boy chair where I can sit and relax or work on my laptop while enjoying the beautiful view outside.  Behind the chair is where I store all my supplies that I don't use on a regular basis - yes there is a lot of that.  Too many years of too many different crafts.  ;)
More supplies...and a view of my front yard.
And almost back to where we started.

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