Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Zone is Pretty Comfty

There are times when you need to step out side your comfort zone.  And right now I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to take that uncomfortable step. 

There is a call out for an exhibit in my area at the beginning of March and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should take the leap and participate in it.  I have never done anything like this before and the type of work they are looking for is something that I have only done while taking the course about 3 years ago.  The weird thing is that over the past few weeks I had been thinking about trying my hand at this craft again and when I got the email about the show last week it was almost as if the universe was trying to tell me to get off my butt and do it already.  

Now here's the dilemma, (1) I haven't done this in years, so it's about brushing up on the process and trying to remember how to do it properly again.  (2) I need to come up with some new pieces/designs in a very short period of time. (3) This would be good exposure and a great learning experience, but waaayyy scary to put my work out there like that.  (4) Is my work even good enough to show? (5) It's only a month away.  (6) It's only a month away and will be waaayyy scary to do.  Oh sorry, did I say that already.  :) 

So I think I'm going to take the next couple days and really try and figure out if this is doable.  Doable in that I am able to show work that I'm proud of and at the same time not turn into a complete raging crazy woman trying to get it all done in the next month.  My zone is pretty warm and cozy right now, it's hard not to want to stay here.  Decisions, decisions... 

I'll keep you posted.

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